Yoga therapy is science of mastering the mind. The mind is like a wheel which revolves endlessly with tremendous velocity. This wheel is set in motion by the vibration of psychic Prana or subtle Prana. The practice of Pranayama lessens the velocity of the mind and slows down the wheel gradually. Perfect control of Prana will bring the wheel to a standstill.

what is yoga

Yoga session will leave you felling energized and relaxed. you will work your muscles and will properly align your bones. you will gain a deeper appreciation of your body and mind through yoga in a way that no other exercise program will.

why do yoga?

yoga creates both flexibility and strength along with cardiovascular health. it creates mental clarity and focus and emotional balance. it is the only form of activity which massages all internal glands and organs of the body. yoga ensures the optimum blood supply to various parts of the body. it works with meditation to achieve this harmony and helps the mind work in sync with the body.

types of yoga

Raja yoga

Raja means “royal”, and meditation is the focal point of this branch of yoga.

Karma yoga

it means that you can achieve  a blissful state for yourself so you can engage in acts of selfless service and keep away from negative thoughts and actions.

Bhakti yoga

it describes the path of devotion because it is a positive way to channel the emotions.

Jnana yoga

it is the yoga of the mind, of wisdom, the path of the stage or scholar.

Tantra yoga

it is the most misunderstood of all the yogas because it is the pathway of ritual.

Principles of yoga therapy

  • you should have proper relaxation
  • it is better to do proper exercise
  • it is recommended to have proper breathing because rhythmic breathing is especially good for insomnia.
  • perform proper diet
  • Also try to Slow down the breath
  • Finally, try to Calm the mind

 Benefits of yoga therapy

  • first of all, it decrease pulse rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure
  • increase endurance and energy level
  • decrease back pain because it relieve pain
  • it also treats asthma attacks and help to manage diabetes
  • Prevent injury because it helps to activate muscles and lubricate joints for effective movement
  • Recover injury because it strengthen weak muscle groups and serving as a support system during what can be frustrating time
  • finally, it increases Immunity