weight management can depend on many factors. our food choices, other personal health and lifestyle factor can seriously impact metabolism. As a result, we may have a harder time managing our weight despite thoughtful eating habits. For most people, simply eating real food and using the right basic supplements is enough to spark change. Others, however, face a greater challenge.  Weight management is affected by more than simply the number of calories we burn and eat.

Factors impact weight management


we know we tend to make poorer food choices when we scant on sleep at night. We’re more susceptible to cravings. We use unhealthy foods to get beyond the continual fatigue we experience throughout the day.


Stress comes from many factors: job, family, finances, physical injury, sickness and more. Lack of sleep can
increase levels of stress, and the cycle continues. Stress also impacts the food choices we make. The most common
hormone related to stress is cortisol. The right kind of exercise routine and an appropriate nutrition help reduce stress levels and may improve sleep.

Digestive Health

A healthy digestive tract does more than simply break down foods. When your digestive tract is working correctly, enzymes are released to absorb vitamins and minerals. The digestive tract also provides a major line of defense against disease, as it can keep bad bacteria from entering the bloodstream. It can also impact our ability to manage weight.

Hormonal Balance

Testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, thyroid and other hormones all play important roles in our ability to achieve
optimal health and maintain weight. diet and exercise may not be enough. He or she will request and monitor the appropriate tests as well as prescribe any additional treatment options that might be necessary. Oftentimes, women are more likely to seek support for hormone balance, but men should not dismiss it.


Environmental toxins, including those we’re exposed to within our food supply, may play more of a role in the obesity epidemic than we have ever realized. Pollutants may disrupt our hormones
finally, you should avoid all these factors to lose weight and manage it. you can mange your weight through eating healthy food and exercise.