We met in the first part to learn about polycystic ovaries, its nature, its prevalence among women, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, causes and risks.
The second part of the dialogue introduces us to the steps of treatment of polycystic ovaries, the importance of weight loss as a first step in treatment, the effect of high milk hormone on the possibility of pregnancy, and the nature of the means used to induce pregnancy.
Here is the third part about polycystic ovaries. We know a lot about the importance of surgical intervention, its consequences, problems and complications, the feasibility of the pipes and artificial insemination of polycystic patients, and the most important misconceptions about this disease.

When does a doctor have to intervene?

If the ovary does not respond to medication and there is no good ovulation despite the followers of the previous treatment steps here is to resort to surgical treatment by doing holes and ironing in the ovaries by the endoscope and here I like to stress that surgical treatment is another and not the first step in the treatment is not meaningful to do before Hormone control and depletion of drug treatment opportunities.

Does surgery increase the chances of pregnancy?

In fact, the surgery increases the chances of pregnancy, but it is not reasonable for a woman to perform her surgery before each pregnancy. This is important to correct the hormonal imbalance in order to obtain confirmed and continuous results throughout the life. Here is the importance of maintaining optimal weight, longevity, pregnancy, And during the period of breastfeeding because this would reduce the severity of the defect of hormones in the case of tics.

What is the nature of surgical treatment?

Here I would like to emphasize that the surgery performed is a cauterization and perforation of the ovary and not a surgical procedure to remove the tics, as is common among women. Vaccinations are not a tumor, and there is no cure for polycystic ovary disease, but all medical attempts are aimed at controlling it. And reduce the negative effects of the philosophy of tics is a chronic disease can not cure it.

Does surgical treatment have complications?

In fact, the surgery has some problems or complications may lead to burning the ovary completely and reduce the stock of ovaries from the eggs and multiply the chances of the woman completely in pregnancy, especially if the surgeon performed this surgery when a specialist is doing puncture in ways that have been exceeded and proved to be medically harmful, This will eliminate the ovary stock from the oocytes and thus the opportunity for the woman to have a very limited birth.

Are there other complications of surgery?

There are some cases where adhesions on the tubes of the impact of surgery, which prevents pregnancy to prevent other more difficult problems in the pipes and not problems in ovulation.

Are there no modern ways to limit these complications?

In fact, there are modern methods of perforation of ovaries have been able to puncture punctures and places and intensity and time to reduce the impact of these complications or prevent the occurrence of the fact that the occurrence of such complications means that the doctor who performed the surgeon non-specialist and was the patient’s selection of this surgeon a wrong choice from the ground.

Is laparoscopic surgery the best way?

There is no justification for this surgery in the traditional way by opening the abdomen has completely eliminated this method medically for at least 40 years, as this method leads to complications seriously and the proportion of pipe adhesions are higher and more violent and here it turns from a disease delay pregnancy to Problem completely prevent pregnancy.

What is the time period during which the chances of getting pregnant after surgery increase?

The highest incidence of pregnancy after surgery is the first 6 to 8 months and therefore should be good investment with good stimulation and not as I see in many cases that begin to lose weight and take medication after surgery and these steps will not effect until after a long period Here is the golden period for the activation during.

Are Tube Children a Perfect Solution for Polycystic Patients?

In fact, IVF is not the solution to ovarian pap smear. There is no hope of ovulation, and the real solution is to increase the drug therapy to control the hormone until ovulation occurs because the woman with polycystic ovary if ovulation occurs regularly and carried without resorting to long strides and Complex and expensive for pipe children.

Some women suffer from facial hair, what is the solution?

For the hair in the face can be treated by giving treatments in the form of tablets, a type of pills, and the benefits of regulating menstruation, and reduce the appearance of hair, and there are newer tablets and stronger but more expensive and does not show the results of this treatment acceptable before almost a year of regularity in The treatment should reduce the rate of hair growth and not completely terminate it. Therefore, laser hair removal should be used to remove hair permanently. However, it is important to note that there is no pregnancy during this treatment or even after finishing it for three months. Pregnancy that forget the subject of hair overload Until you have the children you want.

What about a woman who suffers from menstrual irregularity?

The women who want to regularize the session can resort to drugs to regulate the course and download them such as white and brown disks or the famous round wheel or wheel as some ladies release it (this is not a cure for divorce, but only to remove the cycle any artificial role updated) and is not useful in anything. The treatment of the disease itself is a means of the role of the role only, and this treatment does not benefit women who want to pregnancy because it is an industrial hormones should not be taken during the activation, because any good stimulation of ovulation should ensure the descent of the session if no pregnancy without resorting to this drug

What are the most common and obscure ideas adopted by some women?

There are already famous mistakes related to polycystic ovaries, including the lack of feasibility of going to girls who suffer from a disorder in the menstrual cycle to the doctor for treatment on the grounds that it will be organized after the husband and this illusion because the disorder as we have already mentioned is a hormonal imbalance needs treatment, The woman is not fat and this is a misconception because the presence of a pancreas in the ovaries means that there is a disproportion between the weight of the lady and her hormones, the perception that polycystic ovaries are diagnosed through the sonar and the fact that he is diagnosed through blood analysis, the perception that the first step in treatment is surgical intervention Lan Grapes E be the last step in the treatment, this surgery does not remove cysts but are the wounds or perforation to the ovaries.

What about the common circulating among the filled taking metformin tablets to lose weight?

This rumor is completely false because this drug is actually a drug to break down the closed circle of hormonal imbalance in patients with cystic and to increase the sensitivity of the body to the hormone insulin, reduce the hormone LH and increase the response of ovaries to the activation drugs and not mentioned in all this at all weight, A drug is not taken only several days of each session because this will not bring fruit because the control level of insulin in the blood needs to continue treatment.