PCOS is a serious disease that needs rapid therapeutic intervention. In the first part of the dialogue, we exposed the nature and extent of its spread among women, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis, causes and risks.

At first, what is the first step to treat polycystic ovaries?

The first step is to control the hormonal imbalance by working on weight loss because excess weight hinders and prevents the treatment of polycystic ovaries. Without this, any treatment plan will fail or at least will not achieve the desired success.

Does having excess hair in different areas of the body mean a rise in the level of male hormones?

Some cases that suffer from the presence of excess hair in the body can measure the hormones of masculinity, but this is not useful and useful in my opinion because most of these cases are hormones at normal levels, but there is an excessive sensitivity of the skin and its bristles to the natural levels of those hormones.

How does a doctor diagnose a polycystic ovary?

The diagnosis is made through the analysis of the hormones of FSH and LH in the first days of the session and in a reliable hormonal laboratory, if the ratio of 2: 1 between the hormones in the order of their male is normal, either any imbalance in the proportion of the image increase the second hormone The incidence of this disease, its treatment and pregnancy rates are determined by the proportion of LH hormone, and most cases suffering from polycystic ovaries have an imbalance in the rates of other hormones such as high milk hormone and a decrease in the level of hormone progesterone known as ovulation hormone.

What about the role of sonar in the diagnosis of polycystic patients?

Unfortunately, many women and some non-specialists believe that polycystic ovaries are diagnosed by sonar, but this is not true because vaginal ultrasound examination of married women or sonar of the abdomen is useful for women. The presence of fish in the ovarian cortex and the presence of a large number of immature eggs The size of the ovary crust with a large size of the ovaries and an increase in the activity and thickness of the internal body of the ovary (ovarian stroma), as for the diagnostic laparoscopy, we can not say that we are the endoscope to diagnose the ovary, which can be diagnosed specifically blood for the examination of hormones, but during the procedure Laparoscopy for any reason D seen an increase in the thickness of the crust of the ovaries and increase their size as likely the presence of polycystic Balambbin.

What is the number of kilograms imposed on each woman to lose?

In fact, the answer to this question by the specialist doctor, but as a general rule every kilo inspected by the woman in the treatment plan, and whatever the weight of Ms. As long as the diagnosis of the presence of tobacco for the ovary should accelerate the loss of excess weight as a prerequisite for treatment without consideration of the famous saying: With longitudinal .. or there are more women Mnna Mona and the regular course and bear and give birth easily .. ”

How can a woman successfully lower her weight?

This requires taking a drug that works to reduce the level of insulin in the blood such as (Glofokaj or metformin Metformin), because the hormone is usually high insulin with the case of ovarian polycystic as a result of resistance to the body to work this hormone, and I would like to confirm that this drug reduces insulin, It is commonly used to reduce insulin levels and not to reduce weight, although some women lose their appetite, helping to lose weight if they follow a healthy diet.


Is weight loss sufficient to treat polycystic ovaries?

There are some cases that are not enough treatment through weight loss and taking metformin for optimal response, especially in cases suffering from a high degree of calcification (determined by the analysis and the specialist doctor) in these cases must reduce the hormone LH through the drugs stopped pituitary Such as contraceptive pills or some expensive but unnecessary injections because contraceptives are available, affordable, easy to use and adequate, but may sometimes raise the milk hormone

What about pregnancy?

The occurrence of pregnancy of the woman suffering from ticosis is the best treatment for her because of the cessation of activity of the ovaries during pregnancy and thus stop these are soothes and so we seek the occurrence of pregnancy and help the woman by all means to bear.

Is there a second phase of the treatment plan?

Yes, the second stage of treatment includes activation of ovulation by taking a drug for at least six months, and these pills stimulate the growth and maturity of oocytes and will be accompanied by the exit of a large number of ova, increasing the chances of pregnancy, and it works to increase Hormones femininity and reduce the levels of male hormones that are high in the case of ovarian calcification, in addition to it helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, which is disturbed in the case of ovarian calcification.

Is this type of drug sufficient to stimulate the ovaries?

In some cases, the activated drug alone is not enough to activate the ovary, especially in the case of texis, where the ovarian response is weak for the activation drugs. Therefore, we need stronger stimulants in the form of injections for activation, and may increase or decrease according to the response of the ovaries. Despite the great benefits of these stimulants, Lead to the weakness of the female hormone required to improve the secretions of the cervix to be penetrated sperm, so we may need to add some medicines improve the proportion of this hormone, and in other cases mature eggs and reach the appropriate size but do not go out so we sometimes use an injection to remove mature eggs and this helps in determining the total Intercourse at the appropriate times to get out of the egg.

What about the level of progesterone?

Most cases of polycystic ovaries need progesterone pills because the level of progesterone is low, causing an increase in the thickness of the lining of the uterus, and these pills remove and reduce the thickness of the lining of the uterus and this lining to receive the pregnancy God willing and prove the pregnancy in the first, and the benefits also that they download The menstrual cycle in case of failure of activation and the absence of pregnancy

What is the effect of high levels of milk hormone on pregnancy?

Usually accompanied by the case of ovarian polycystic high level of milk hormone (Prolactin) and treatment here in the early stages are using drugs to reduce the hormone milk because the increase of this hormone reduces the response of ovaries to the drugs of activation and reduce the chances of pregnancy even if the activation of good,

However, all these drugs are advised to be used gradually so as not to get the lady with the many side effects of stomach pain, nausea, low pressure, dizziness, headache, taking into account the cessation of eating these pills at the time of pregnancy.