TV star Kim Kardashian remains the focus of her fans and captures her news and details of her life with its pros and cons. After the birth of her second child, St. West, the focus returned to the question of her weight and the extra pounds she formed during her first and second pregnancies.
She has always expressed great discomfort in pregnancy and not enjoying it, especially with the extra weight she gained at this stage.
So, after the birth of her child, she took all necessary measures to get rid of excess weight and restore her thinness, as well as the desire to breastfeed her child during the first four months. Nutritionist Caroline Hamada talks about what she calls “the Cardashian diet,” or “Atkins diet,” referring to the advantages and disadvantages of Kim Cardashian, whose weight was over 90 kg, until she returned to diet to get rid of about 30 kg.

What are the foundations of the Atkins diet, or the Kardashian diet that Kim followed after she gave birth to her second child?

After having her second child, Kim Kardashian, who weighed more than 90 or 95 kg, took the Atkins diet to get rid of all the extra pounds she gained.
But she did not want to lose her weight in a random way, despite a diet rich in protein and low starchy, especially as she was breastfeeding her baby.
Kim adopted the diet in a systematic and deliberate way by focusing on certain health foods. She also followed this diet after having her first baby, North.

What are the foods on which this system is based?

This diet is based on protein, i.e. eggs, chicken, fish and meat, and is present at all meals. The Atkins system depends on the intake of proteins as the body needs a certain amount of them to reduce weight since the disintegration in the body produces amino acid gives the person a sense of satiety.
Protein is therefore essential to provide a sense of satiety and avoid deprivation, and the tendency to eat fatty foods rich in calories to overcome this sensation. At the same time, Kim has increased the amount of fiber and healthy fats in her diet to reduce her weight at this high rate.

Does this mean that the Atkins diet does not cause feelings of deprivation?

On the contrary, proteins give a sense of satiety. Kim even relied on her cheese, specifically fresh mozzarella, onion soup and fresh mushrooms, and she did not deprive herself of it in her diet. It also did not resort to diet low thermal units to lose excess kilograms as soon as this type of diet causes a sense of hunger at certain times, in addition to being unhealthy, especially in the case of breastfeeding a child who needs a particular food helps the mother to increase the amount of milk has.
Studies have shown that a large reduction in the amount of calories reduces the metabolism, and the same problem occur with the decline in the ability to reduce weight.

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How many calories did Kim get in her diet?

Kim got 1,800 calories in her diet, the minimum she was able to reach in the event of breastfeeding until the body continued to produce milk.

What foods are forbidden in this type of low-carbohydrate and high-protein diets?

Contraindications are rice, white flour and sweets of all kinds. On the other hand, the focus is on foods high in fiber, such as slower starches, which when taken into the blood sugar slowly.
Therefore, the focus is on brown starches such as brown rice and brown pasta. This helped Kim lose about one kilogram or two per week. This weight loss is not fixed, but can sometimes increase or decrease.

What did Kim eat when she followed the Atkins Diet?
Kim’s diet includes:


Egg whites with vegetables (omelets)
A banana
Protein mixture
Small salad
Smoothie pistachio butter

The lunch:

Salad without sauce with proteins
Ice tea

The dinner:

Grilled Salmon
Two cups of broccoli
Two cups of brown rice

Kim has followed this system since she gave birth to her two children, and her followers note that she is a diversity in the foods she takes daily.

Is a diet of this kind desirable and healthy?

There is no doubt that this type of high protein diets is healthy, especially as it is diverse and not a few thermal units. It is good for people who cannot deny themselves because they are energy-rich and have enough thermal units.
It is also well suited for a woman who gave birth and wants to get rid of extra pounds as she breastfeeds her baby. Do not follow the few diets thermal units that slow down the activity of metabolism and reduce energy in the body does not provide the necessary nutrients for breastfeeding.
Important note: An important element in this diet is that it contains the necessary fruit for the body after birth to secure vitamins and minerals, specifically Banana, which has many benefits and contains the basic components of breastfeeding, such as magnesium, natural sugar, dissolved fiber and potassium.
For women in general, if they have not given birth recently and are breastfed, the rate of thermal units can be reduced furt

Is it bad for her?

The bad thing about this diet is that Kim Kardashian has been taking protein as a source of protein. But it is an abnormal source and it is not yet clear whether it is harmful to the child in case of breastfeeding. There may not be a problem for the average person, but it is better for the nursing mother to avoid unnatural manufacturer sources. Note that this type of protein is described to increase muscle mass in the body.