Physical fitness is considered a measure of the body’s ability to function efficiently in work and leisure activities. it consists of health related fitness and skill related fitness, which have different components, each of which contributes to total quality of life.

Motor skill related

The following are additional components that are motor skill related:

  • Speed
  • Muscle power
  • Agility is the ability to change direction quickly while you move rapidly.
  • Coordination is the smooth flow of movement in the execution of a physical task.
  • Balance is the ability to maintain the equilibrium of the body.
  • Reaction time refers to the athlete’s ability to process information via the nervous system and react.

Factors affecting physical fitness

  • Gender (sex) because there is difference between males and females on fitness tests.
  • Build because the greater the cross sectional are of a muscle, the greater the strength.
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Physical disability
  • Illness and fatigue
  • Drug-taking
  • Stress
  • Environment
  • Age because maximal strength for both males and females is around 25 to 30 years of age.

Benefits of physical fitness

  • Heart becomes stronger and works more efficiently
  • Can lose weight if you combine exercise and healthy eating
  • Helps you to feel better
  • You are less likely to be anxious or depressed and feel more positive
  • Bring down a slightly raise blood pressure to normal
  • Drink less alcohol and cut down or stop smoking
  • Less likely suffer from low back pain
  • Fitness increases life span and changes lifestyle
  • It enhances productivity and quality at work
  • Improves posture and personal appearance
  • Maintains muscle so, you can decrease the risk of injury
  • Develops your confidence.
  • Improve your self esteem.

How do you test your physical fitness?

fitness tests help you because it check how fit you are, and see how your fitness improves with exercise.

  • Muscular endurance such as push ups, curl up, pull up.
  • Muscular endurance such as vertical jumps, flex arm hang.
  • Flexibility such as deep flex, sit and reach, shoulders stretch.
  • Body composition such as body mass index.
  • speed such as 6*9, 40 meters

Finally, you should be sure to be fit in order to have healthy life. there is different types of fitness such as yoga.