Oily skin may suffer from pimples, acne, greasy texture, and black heads. If you have excess oil on your skin, you will be more prone to infections. In this article we will discuss do’s and don’ts for oily skin.

Oily Skin Dos

Wash your face every day and night

Those who have excess oil on their face should be care about their face washing schedule. It’s recommended to use a face wash that is free of oil with balanced PH because it helps in treatment of pores and breakouts.

You should use SPF

Exposure to the sun is harmful and may cause acne flare-ups, so it’s better to use a sunscreen every day. You should choose SPF appropriate for your skin.

Choose the right makeup

In addition, be sure to choose makeup that works with your skin.

Always clean your makeup brushes

Make sure to use a brush instead of your fingers in order to apply makeup. It would be better, if you clean it regularly to prevent germs accumulation on it.

Use citrus fruits and cucumber

It’s better to use this home remedies because it help in reducing oiliness and refreshing your skin.

Apply egg yolk

It’s one of the great natural home remedies for this type of skin because it helps in drying out the skin. Apply the yolk in the skin by using cotton and leave it for 15 minutes and then wash your face.

Oily Skin Don’ts

Don’t skip the moisturizer

This type of skin always needs moisture daily, so be sure not to skip this step.

Don’t touch or pick your face

Picking and touching red spots or pimples may add germs and dirt to your skin surface.

Avoid sleeping on a dirty pillowcase

Pillowcase may absorb grime, dirt and grease and you sleep for eight hours on them, so you should change your pillowcase frequently.

Avoid creamy cleansers

This type may excess oil in your skin. In addition, it’s recommended to use gentle liquid cleansers.

Cut down on medications

In addition, you should leave your skin treat itself and avoid medications.

Bypass creamy sunscreens

Finally, it’s better to use powder based sunscreen and bypass creamy sunscreens.