Body type differs from one person to another. problems of weight loss always depend on body type, so you should know your body type in order to overcome weight problems.

Types of body Shape

  1. Apple Body
  2. Pear Body
  3. Rectangle or Straight Body
  4. Hourglass Body

Apple Body Type

  • This type look like an apple as it holds more weight in the middle of the body.
  • Waist and chest have the same measurements and the hip is smaller than them.
  • In addition, you can see this type in jennifer hudson.

What to Eat in this type

This type is more prone to heart problems, so individuals with this type should put cardiovascular system in their consideration while eating.

  • They should eat fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • It’s advisable to eat organic whole grains like quinoe, and brown rice.
  • Proteins which are low in fat as fish.
  • Low fat food as beans, nuts. in addition to peas.

Pear Body Type

Pear type tends to carry most of weight in the lower portion of the body.

What to Eat in this Type

  • In this type individual should be care about his fat intake.
  • Eat protein which is lean and free of fat because this type tends to store fat.

Rectangle or Straight Body Type

  • It tends to be more slender type as the waist, hip, and chest have the same measurements.
  • It tends to gain weight in the middle section.

What to Eat in this Type

  • Diet should be rich in lean proteins and healthy fats as avocados, nuts in addition to fish.
  • This diet should be balanced and rich in fruits and vegetables.

Hourglass Body Type

  • This type is the most desired type although some individual may suffer from weight gain problems.
  • It is called figure of eight.
  • You may tend to gain weight around arms, knees, and face in addition to ankles.

What to Eat in this Type

You should eat healthy diet rich in vegetables and fruits, whole grains in addition to lean protein.

Finally, you should know your body type to lose weight in healthy way.