Winter is the worst time of the year for skin health, especially if you suffer from any skin disease such as dry skin extreme cold and eczema. it is the perfect time to think about ways to take care of your skin.

Why winter is so hard on your skin

  • Low humidity which make the cold air less moisture.
  • Dehydration because most of people drink less water during winter season.

Tips for healthy winter skin

A humidifier

  • Use a humidifier in your home as it will keep your home warm and also moisture winter air.

Set the thermostat

  • It’s better to lower the thermostat at comfortable setting  68°F to 72°F so you can keep your skin healthy

Avoid excessive hot shower

  • Hot shower may dry your skin by removing it’s natural oil and instead of this you can use warm bath or shower.

Choose the right cleanser

  • The right soap is on of the most important part in winter or even in any season. bad soap may cause itching and dry skin.

You should moisturize your skin frequently

  • You should moisturize your skin  especially after washing up to maintain you skin healthy such as hand cream. it’s better to wear gloves while washing dishes or cleaning your house.

use sunscreen even in winter

  • It’s important to use sunscreen in winter to protect your skin for sun rays in cold weather. try to apply sunscreen before going out.

 Wear appropriate clothes

  • Try to wear soft clothes on your skin then wear warm sweater. try to wear warm gloves on your hand to protect your hand from cold weather.

You should eat healthy food

  • Dry skin may be moisturized by food contains omega 3 such as fish oil and flaxseed oil.

You should stay hydrated

  • You should drink a plenty of water to stay hydrated so that help you to moisturize your skin and keep it healthy.

Don’t stay wet

  • You should change out your clothes when you get wet outside.

Get facial skin massage

  • Facial massage in winter can help your skin to get rid of deep seated dirt.

Cover your face when going outside

  • It’s advisable to cover your face to save it from damage in cold weather.

Finally, when you follow this tips you will have healthy winter skin.