Fast food simply is known as an empty calorie food. they don’’t contain the nutrients that your body needs in order to stay healthy. it’s fast, cheap, and easy meals that fills you up. you can eat all the calories that you need in a day in one meal.

Appealing nature of fast food

  • Time factor: you can prepare it easily and they also ready to consume within no time.
  • Ad factor: Advertising has an important role in attracting the public, especially children and adolescents to the junk food selling joints
  • Taste factor: delicious taste also, is another important reason to an extent that influences to opt for junk food. This taste is achieved owing to salts, lavish usage of oils ,and sugar.
  • Attractiveness: they have a very attractive appearance in their packing.

Fast Food impact on health

  • High fat content, especially sugar, salts and cholesterol have their adverse effects on health. extra calorie content with sugar may lead to obesity.
  • fast food contains high amount of cholesterol ,sodium.
  • Dense sugar content may cause type 2 diabetes mellitus and dental cavities.
  • Unfortunately, meals of junk food don’’t fill up for long periods.
  • in addition, they have high rate on the glycemic index, that means they may provide a quick rise in blood sugar and give rise to hunger.
  • Excessive salts may have bad effects on the functioning of kidneys.
  • The fast food along period of time may drop blood circulation because of fat accumulation.


  1. The only way to avoid eating junk food is to encourage eating healthy snacks and more of the following foods:
  2. Foods which are low in fat, cholesterol, and saturated fat.
  3. •High-fiber foods, including vegetables, fruits and whole-grain foods. •
  4. Foods that have only a mild amount of salt and sugar. •
  5. Calcium-rich foods, in order to provide daily calcium requirements. •
  6. Iron-rich foods, to provide daily requirements of iron.
  7. Make fast food weekly event and slowly reduce the consumption of it.
  8. Remind yourself of the bad effects, if you feel the urge to have fast food.
  9. It’s advisable to avoid soda and try to replace it with fresh fruit juices.
  10. Take grilled cooking instead of deep frying.