Skin covers the whole structure of our body as it is the largest organ of our body. it protect our body from all types of mishaps. skin type varies from person to another. it is very important to take care of the skin by using different skin care. before using skin care, you should know about your skin type to apply the best for it. you should know in which category your skin falls.

Different Skin type

Dry skin

Dry skin is rough and has a bit dull, dry look. it is characterized with low production of oil and small pores which make it more tighter. you should avoid exposure to sun, wind, cold water. it’s better to use creamy cleanser, good moisturizer and soft toner. use sunscreen lotion to avoid early collagen breakdown. try to add vitamins to your diet such as vitamin A, B, C and D.

Oily skin

Oily skin is the most type that suffers from acne and pimples. this type of skin has excess oil on the face especially on the T-zone. care of this type of skin is very important. you should wash your face at least three times a day. it’s better not to use alcohol based toners as it can dehydrate your skin. use sunblock to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. drink more water to prevent dehydration of your skin.

Combination skin

This type is combination between dry and oily skin. it have a greasy effect on T-zone and bridge. this type of skin need moisturizating, but with variation. dry areas need of the skin need strong moisturizers. oily areas need strong astringent. use mild soap for this type.

Normal skin

  • Normal skin is the best type of skin.
  • It has a healthy look and smooth texture.
  • Use face washes, toner and cleanse to take care of it.
  • Use soap soap and simple cleansing to keep it soft and bright.

Sensitive skin

  • This type is prone to allergies because it is very delicate.
  • It is very sensitive and reacts much on sun exposure, perfume and cosmetics.
  • You can clean and moisturize it using milk when mixed with glycerin and rose water.